Inside the Anchor Counselling office space, showing a dark armchair with cushions next to a small house plant


Counselling options available

Face to Face Counselling

Face to face counselling is offered in my counselling room in Salisbury. This is a private, calm space in which you can feel safe to explore whatever is making life difficult for you. Working with the counsellor physically present can enable a greater sense of support for some clients. It can also be of particular benefit for those who find it more comfortable to talk in a space that is separate from their normal living space.

In Person

Online Counselling

Online counselling offers an alternative to face to face counselling. It is particularly useful for those clients who prefer to have therapy in their own home or another private space due to timing, travel or location issues. It is usually done via Zoom which provides a secure method of communication via the use of encrypted software.


Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling is offered for those clients who have timing or location issues but would prefer not to use video technology. Similar to online counselling, this requires access to a private space so that you will not be disturbed or overheard.


Short-term or Long-term therapy

I offer weekly short-term or long-term therapy depending on your needs and wishes. You may choose a short course of therapy to focus on a particular issue. Alternatively, you may need a longer period of support for therapy that requires greater depth.

We will discuss this in our initial consultation call and we will also review it as your therapy progresses to check that our original plan continues to meet your needs. Everyone is different and the amount of time required to effect change will vary from person to person. 

Please note that it is important that you attend sessions regularly to maximise their benefit for you.

Short or
Long term therapy

Coming Soon

In 2024 I am training in the following areas in order to expand the therapy options available:

Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk therapy is a form of outdoor therapy and nature therapy in the field of eco-psychotherapy. In this therapy the counselling session is taken outdoors and the client and the counsellor walk side by side, with the client usually leading the pace of the walk. This form of therapy can be particularly beneficial if you enjoy being outside, do not feel very comfortable sitting directly opposite the person you are talking to, prefer to be moving or find it difficult to be still while processing your emotions.

Counselling for Young People

I am currently qualified to work with adults and also 16-18 year olds. However, in 2024 I am undertaking the Level 5 Certificate in working with Young People which will enable me to offer therapy to those aged 11 years old and above.

Coming Soon

Initial consultation

Once you are ready to proceed, please contact me to organise a complimentary consultation call. This can be done via phone, email or on my contact page. Please provide a brief message which includes your contact details and I will respond within 48 hours.

The consultation call offers you the opportunity to ask any questions and to get an initial feeling about my suitability for you. It also allows me to get an understanding of what you are looking for.

Book your complimentary phone consultation


A 50-minute counselling session is £60.
This includes in-person, online and phone counselling.

Please note that my charges will increase in April 2024 for new clients.


Appointments are currently available as shown below:

Monday – Friday
9am - 5.30pm

On occasion, I may be able to offer an alternative appointment time. This can be discussed on an individual basis during our initial phone call.

If you are struggling and need urgent help outside of our sessions, the
following organisations are available:

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a session, this should be done at least 48 hours in advance. If a session is cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, the full fee will be charged.

Get in touch

Please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation initial chat.